WriteSetter v. 1.0

February 2015
Browser Requirements: WriteSetter works best on modern browsers that support HTML5 and Javascript.

WriteSetter released with the following features:

  • Auto Save—WriteSetter saves every change you make, and stores your writing and settings from session to session.
    Note: Saving leverages the LocalStorage feature available on modern browsers. Clearing your browser's site data can delete Local Storage files. A future release of WriteSetter will allow you to save your writing to our server and access your work from any device.
  • Font customization:
    • Font type—Select from the available types, or specify any type you wish.
      Note: Your browser may not support the font you input.
    • Font size—Select from the available sizes, or specify any size you wish.
    • Font color—Select from the color picker. For browsers that don't support the color picker, type a color name or hex value.
    • Font opacity—Modify using the slider, or input an exact opacity.
  • Line spacing—Modify using the slider, or specify an exact spacing. Enter normal to reset line spacing to the default value.
  • Background color—To use a solid background color instead of an image, enable the checkbox. Select a background color from the color picker. For browsers that don't support the color picker, type a color name or hex value.
  • Background image—Use WriteSetter's default image, or specify an image URL. Background images are set to repeat, so you can use a large image to fill your screen, or select a small image to create a pattern.
  • Textarea style—Select to view your writing on a book or on a solid paper note. You can also select a transparent textarea to view your writing directly on the background image or color.
  • Spellcheck—Turn spellcheck on or off.
  • Hide scrollbar—For a more immersive writing experience, choose to hide the scrollbar. We recommend you enable your browser's full-screen mode for maximum effect.
  • Scroll to the top or bottom—Quickly navigate to the beginning or end of your writing.

Free Online Word Processor Released by WriteSetter

A fully customizable environment for amazing writers.

Austin, TX – February 2015—WriteSetter (web: writesetter.com), is proud to announce the release of its free online word processor. WriteSetter makes writing easy by enabling writers to customize the look and feel of the word processor. WriteSetter’s custom visual environment maximizes creativity, saves text from session to session, and is distraction-free.

"I created WriteSetter because I couldn’t find a free online word processor that let me set my writing space to the exact configuration I wanted. I had an idea for a word processor that displayed text on a book, and that’s how WriteSetter was born.”

Javier Robalino, creator of WriteSetter

The options you can customize with WriteSetter include:

  • Book, note, or transparent text area
  • Background image or color
  • Toggle the scrollbar for true full-screen writing
  • Font type, size, color, and opacity
  • Line spacing
  • Spellcheck

For more information about this free online word processor, go to:

About WriteSetter

WriteSetter provides a free online word processor that gives writers control of their writing environment. Future updates are always in the works, and WriteSetter is always looking for feedback. You can let WriteSetter know what you look for in a free online word processor by contacting us.